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Karen Vermillion
About Karen Vermillion

Karen is a mediator and facilitator with source professions and experience resolving complex disputes into mutually beneficial outcomes - between individuals or among a group.

Subject-matter expertise covers a range of disciplines, including environment, education, and mediation.

Karen has decades of unique experience with trans-cultural and technical issues of concern and interests around fee and trust lands in ceded territory - between tribes and the federal, state and local governments.


Karen is available for neutral facilitation, mediation, communication coaching, and educational workshops.

Neutral Facilitation

Karen acts as a neutral facilitator of dialogue between parties to a dispute. Unlike an attorney, who advocates for a client's position, a mediator guides the parties in their conversation around resolving their underlying issues of concern and meeting all parties' interests.

Coaching and Workshops

Mediation is about identifying and addressing underlying interests in order to find common ground. Cultivating mediation skills makes people and organizations more effective problem-solvers all around. Karen works with corporate and organizational clients to deliver capacity-building workshops. Working through fun and engaging exercises, Karen introduces fundamental concepts, placing them in real-world context. Your full spectrum of personnel are given tools to cultivate these skills and put them into practice in their daily work and life. Curricula can be tailored to suit most needs and budgets.

Speaking Engagements

Karen enjoys speaking to groups on a wide range of topics related to mediation and communication. Karen has extensive experience facilitating private conversations between individuals, as well as public conversations among groups, collaborative partnerships, public organizations, and non-profits.


Please feel free to contact Karen Vermillion via email or phone.
If you send a message by email, please include a brief description of your matter.
Every effort is made to return messages promptly.

Vermillion Mediation Services
N5827 Old Lake Road
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(802) 318-0391


Prior to taking on a matter, all parties involved must sign an agreement to mediate.
The written agreement will provide for any relevant terms, including confidentiality, binding legal effect, and fees.

Karen is a trained and experienced mediator, facilitator and coach. She is not an attorney, and does not provide legal advice. She often works with parties who are represented by attorneys, but legal representation is not required to participate in a mediation.

Successful mediation requires that the parties trust the mediator to treat their confidential information with the utmost discretion. Karen will not reveal anything a party says during a mediation to any other party unless asked to do so as part of the mediation process.

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